Versuri Four Letter Lie - Cowboys And Indians

Album: Four Letter Lie - Let Your Body Take Over

This is it.
This is.
I'm pushed against the wall
with my eyes closed
and a weight under my feet.

I'll find my way back
with or without you.

It's all in this room
and the tone of your voice.
The way your eyes move as he gets close to you.
Gets close to you.

I know every angle in all that you do.
Swore your intentions were true.
If its this drink that you need.
Forget what you're doing to me.
You anxiously await his next move.

This is it.

If its this drink that you need,
And these people that you see
To forget about what your doing to me.
If its this drink that you need to forget about me.

These sheets cover your bed in arms and legs.
The hand that "needs you" will be the one that leaves you.

So this is where you go?