Versuri Four Letter Lie - Full Tilt Boogie

Album: Four Letter Lie - Let Your Body Take Over

Hit the lights out in the room.
Cover up their mouths.
We're taking this too far.
On the count of three we'll start this over.
The background voices are pulling me under.
Oh, you come and go on hands and knees.
Until I can't take this anymore.

There is no light behind these eyes.
They barley see you.

Remember what you said?
Yeah you’re always right.
He won’t say a word, give this all you got.

All that you need is attention.
Hands up on his hips, well there’s attraction.
Your satisfaction.

I want to wake up. On fire.
And hear the choir. Beckon these walls.
What exactly are you searching for? [x2]
It's so like you just to give in with the whole world at your feet.

Let's put on a show in all our best clothes.
Where are the girls? Where are the girls?
You can't look back. I can’t look away.
Can you keep it together?

There is no light behind these eyes.
They barley see you.
I swear it’s worth the wait to find me at your door.
It's always better when you're under the weather so forget this all together.
All that you need is just attention. Hands on hips well there’s an attraction.
Your satisfaction.

You’re too little, too late.
I’m overrated anyways.
This is the end.
I am the end.

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