Versuri FOURTH DIMENSION - The Degenerating

Album: FOURTH DIMENSION - Inevitability

You're born and doomed to suffering, dontcha know it
A smell of rottenness around, dontcha feel it
Youre on the way to nowhere and nobody cares about you
Look, your soul is getting f*****g rusty!
Life is a mere sacrifice,
Feelings brings only pain,
Music is the requiem,
Decay's up awaken, the futures shadow's shade!
No time to come,
Just lies and crime,
Degenerating personality,
In an endless maze of vice...
Hey, man, dye like your destiny?
Youre doomed, you're weak, you're forced to suicide
Trying to break the net of god-damned fright
You kill yourself with drugs but reality comes back again:
Faith in escape brings about pain
Your flesh and spirits are in merciless fight
One can not overcome a sound mind
Hey, fellow, you're sunnin astray!
This world's rolling down to chaos with you
Society made you indifferent to all around you
You're become a part of the evil horde
Help me - whispers your heart but you never heard!
...Decay's up awaken, escape's just death!

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