Versuri Fragile Nova - Lost

Album: Fragile Nova - One Day Beyond

You're speaking evil of me like a host
You try to show whole the world
What you are, what I am empty world
You're shouting out all my names
To get the death of your foe
To put him to the wall

Yet your temptation you're yielding to directs you
Up to the end of the rope
You've got to hang yourself your empty eyes
Ask me about you've been getting... lost

[Chorus 1:]
Lost. Lost refusal
Hold my hand if lost proposal
Lost. Lost connection

Lost. Lost rehearsal
Turn your head if no disposal
Lost. Lost direction

[Chorus 2:]
Shut it out if you may try
Try to wear my robe as your own
Consciousness will never stay
Even if this ever begins
Stop it behind to behold
Do it yourself hiding your faces
Drop it until no love sold
Even if this never occurs

You're walking down to a level of mine
You want to know if the future will come
Where are you? Empty verse
Tell me your fictitious name
To resurrect all you love
To survive on the land

The explanations you used to find confuse you
You're forced to realize that
You've got it finally your empty words
Ask me about you've been getting... lost

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2 2x]