Versuri Fragile Nova - Out Of The Lie

Album: Fragile Nova - One Day Beyond

I can't touch what might be seen
Where to find what's never been
Cannot die and can't survive
I look for the way out ‒ cannot find
No one knows and never waits
None of them regenerates
Nobody keeps and there's no cause
You only roar where is the source

[Chorus 1:]
So shining, so sparkling
Unreachable resource
State of art and work of fiction
Inaccessible domain

[Chorus 2:]
Up to the sky
Out of the lie
Forevermore now
Rules to disclaim
What I became
Never to be right
That world is all mine

Hear a lie and don't the truth
See the sky but lost a youth
Feel the pain with no regret
Satisfaction ‒ cannot get
No one thinks and never dream
None of them can hear your scream
Nobody wears your uniform
You only search for a damned form

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2 2x]