Versuri Fragile Nova - We Gather Time

Album: Fragile Nova - One Day Beyond

Catch the chance to resume
What's controlled by the grains of sand
What I see, what I feel, what I wait on my own
Has been written down
No one knows what you are
No one thinks trying to pretend
To be just what you want but one second behind
You liked your reign of voice

You forgot what had passed
There's no space running left to count
What you've got, what you trust, what you waste all alone
You run your kingdom
What was wrong to restore
Evergreen getting everblack
Insupportable things, look, I'm turning the page
To stop you disappear

[Chorus 1:]
Don't get lost
Go find me love

[Chorus 2:]
Don't seek below
There's no even rhyme
You'll never know
We gather time

Try to wipe every edge
Try to pour out it in your veins
Never hoped that you'd see that your heart goes on
Close the words never said
Pick the sands running out of hands
What you've been, what's been done, what ignored long ago
Won't be ever complete

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2 2x]

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