Versuri FRAGILE VASTNESS - I Want To Do Something That Matters

Album: FRAGILE VASTNESS - A Tribute To Life

[Music: Vangelis Yalamas / lyrics: George Ikosipentakis]

Just like a strange pulse through my veins
I feel a new beginning
A warm breeze calms all of my pain
Isn't life worth living?
Now let me fly across the earth
just for one last time
No let me dive into the sea
just for one last breath

I wanna shape my heart like a stone
Can I just have back all my...
Life, wasted inside a shell full of hopes
Cause all I want is to have someone

The longing makes me so much strong
Suffering the waiting
I'll make my arms an open home
when you want to hide
A child is life, I'll give you mine
for this coming wonder
A life is brought to this world
Another one departing


Pressure falling
Mind controlling
Reasons burning
Eye disturbing
Help ignoring
Sweat is pouring
Vision blurring
Purpose losing
Faith taken
Childish wanting
Adult yearnings


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