Versuri FRAGILE VASTNESS - Maya's Diary

Album: FRAGILE VASTNESS - A Tribute To Life

[Music: Vangelis Yalamas / lyrics: Vangelis Yalamas]

[Additional musicians: Sophia]

I have never met my daddy, even though he was the first person who held me in his arms after my mommy.
Mommy made sure I knew everything about dad, but I have so much more to learn about him.
That's because the things he lived in the last few months of his life are enough to fill a diary of a whole lifetime.

You know, daddy, every single night that goes by me and mommy always dream of you, but I bet you already know that, don't you?

This year mommy and I have a present for you again.
You'll find it at the same spot we leave it every year.
But why do you always come and take it while I'm sleeping?
Why can't things be different this year?
I hope you like it, anyway...

Happy birthday daddy.
And, as you can see, all your wishes and dreams have come true.