Versuri FRAGILE VASTNESS - Ya Va Leggando El Dia

Album: FRAGILE VASTNESS - A Tribute To Life

[Music: Vangelis Yalamas / lyrics: Vangelis Yalamas]

[Additional musicians: Joey Vera, Tanya Nikoloudi, Haris Tsoumos, Javier Cadillo, Carlos Cadillo]

I find myself onto a cliff,
from one forest to another I fly
like the other day I feel the same
everywhere I go I smile, I cry, I'll die

Like a condor who stopped to catch his breath
I feel I'm one step closer to God
Am I so numb or just too scared?
Why is it so hard for me
to open my heart and see?

Ever since the day I was born,
my clock is ticking backwards
Only time will live forever

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