Country: Germany Label: Metal Blade Records Website: Formed in: 2000 2000- Melodic Death metal Line-up Current members: 2000-  Stefan Weimar - guitar, vocals   2000-  Sascha Ehrich - guitar   2000-  Ingo Maier - drums   2000-  Wolfram Schellenberg - bass   2004-  Sam Anetzberger - vocals......Biografie FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING
Invocation Of Senses Versuri
Fragments Of Unbecoming Versuri
Reborn Versuri
Summer Solstice Versuri
Bloodred Tales Versuri
An Arctic Serenade Versuri
Opening My Heaven's Gate Versuri
Up From The Blackest Of Soil (Ascension Theme) Versuri
The Seventh Sunray Enlights My Pathway Versuri
Shapes Of The Pursuers Versuri
Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension Versuri
Mesmerized Versuri
Entangled Whispers In The Depth Versuri
Scattered To The Four Winds Versuri
On A Scar's Edge To Infinity Versuri
Lour Pulse Versuri
Fear My Hatred Versuri
Insane Chaosphere Versuri
Life's Last Embers (Farewell Theme) Versuri
Carmine Preface Versuri
Sterling Black Icon Versuri
Weave Their Barren Path Versuri
Dear Floating Water Versuri
Breathe In The Black To See Versuri
Ride For A Fall Versuri
A Faint Illumination Versuri
Live For This Moment, Stay 'Til The End Versuri
Scythe Of Scarecrow Versuri
Onward To The Finger Of God Versuri
Stand The Tempest Versuri
Chambre Noire Versuri