Versuri FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - Scythe Of Scarecrow

Album: FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - Sterling Black Icon - Chapter III - Black But Shining

Blood is on my hands!
Stand strong, watch out! Forward to desecration!
Never me, it's all for you.
Contact, collapse - domination of the wicked,
Indecent, heaven sent.

The world hates me.
I've got this glorious feeling.
Blood still rains on me, the slaughtering has begun.
I am out of any emotion, I leave this place behind.
My revenge tastes bitter sweet in a war of pain and deceit.

Ignorance and hate is my recipe, a step to hope or misery.
We are all on our way to burn a mark into the history,
Satisfaction in a higher form.
Doesn't matter what you want, you'll get what you deserve!
A bloody piece of freedom, don't know where my heart belongs to.

Start the killing!
Forward, forward - I can't stand that feeling.
Daylight, unlight - to start a brutal war.
Empty emotion, my eyes are filled with hatred,
Lost in confusion, is this my inner will?
I am out of any emotion, I leave this place behind.
My revenge tastes bitter sweet, sacrifice and prepare yourself to die! To die!

Killing is my pleasure - out of my eyes!
It's such an aggressive measure - they come from behind...
Sadistic acts (we have to) run faster - unearthly hate.
Now we gotta get the shadows to hide.
Scythe of scarecrow - I have no fear, the time to think this time is near.

Ignorance and hate is my recipe ..... [repeat]

Scythe Of Scarecrow.

Lost all control, try to make the right decision!
What's the key to our final mission?
One choice left, this is our way to death...
Death is real, my heartbeat I can feel.
I think this is the right decision, now we start our final mission...

Start the killing ..... [repeat]

Killing is my pleasure ..... [repeat]

Blood is on my hands!