Ghost In A Ditch Chords - Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand 
Ghost In A Ditch

Tabbed by Sean Cronie

I think this is pretty acurate

C G A# F x2

C                       G
Ghost lay in a ditch on thursday where I was meant to be

A#                                   F
I almost missed my death its so good now hes decked in flowers for me

C                                 G
I hope she doesnt like me or i'll soon be standing more than likely 

      A#                         F 
where he once stood and thats no good


G#                                       Cm
We pretend not to look at another but if he could see over her shoulder

He got me a time he got me that time never a time again

C                                                    G
I look at the hair on her head thats not real now im left 

with a dead and a naked ordeal when all i want is down at the shore

sitting in my car

C                                                G
And bitter sometimes but the taste is sweet your friends olny like 

                                 A#               F
themselves in photographs i dont like them i dont like you

G       A#             F                  C
Ahaa We pretend not to look at each other

G#            F                 C
I stand on my feet when i wanna

F                 G#           A#             G#        G
We pretend not to look but for change and for good I cry

C F x4 C A# G# G

C                                                 G
But when the stars look right above me and in the street lights i cant see

  A#                                 F
I walk on down to make a stand where he once stood

C                                       G
Now they lie there breast to breast and toe to toe

A#                                         F
All I want is down at the shore sitting in my car

G#                           Cm
We ended its all over she'll marry me but i'll hold her

G                                                      C
She'll shovel the dirt into my face I dont care i love her

Hope you enjoyed that if anyone can add anything to that contact me at



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