Versuri Freedom Call - Heart Of The Rainbow

Album: Freedom Call - Live Invasion

Somewhere in the desert land
The valley of the graves
All you have to find there is
The gate within the cave

The garden of your darkest fears
A place of no return
You're bound to face your destiny
Fires of hope still burn

Arise - God can't you hear my cry
I'm alive - calling your mighty name
Save me from sadness

A flight to the heart of the rainbow
I'm searching the eyes of the world
Deep in the land of the shadows
I'm awaiting the end of the game

Whispers in the moonlight
I can hear their shadows crawl
Rising up from down below
The ghosts of Phantagor
Creatures of the underworld
The try to catch my soul
And try to seal my fate
The lord of the darkness is trying to poison my mind

Believe in your heart and you will see
It's not the place to die
Don't hesitate, no time to wait
The days are passing by

Arise - God can you hear my cry
I'm alive - calling your mighty name
I'm reaching for glory


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