Versuri Freedom Call - Thunder God

Album: Freedom Call - Legend Of The Shadowking

I can feel the fever rising
I can feel it in my veins
The time has come – welcome to the show

The crowd starts moving
The waves are surging high
The time is right – welcome to the show

I'm moving to the rhythm of the drums
Their heavy sounds are breaking through the night

Gods of thunder
Sword of fate
Storm, wind and fire
Sent to devastate
And the mighty gods of thunder
Are rumbling in the sky
It's the clash of powers
With boiling rage and anger

Here I'm standing in the silence
It's the calm before the storm
The world stands still – then hell is breaking loose

I can see the skies are burning
And rain breaks on the ground
It's night on earth - chaos all around

They're raging through the universe - break it down, break it down
Earth was an experiment – over now, over now

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