Versuri From First to Last - Ill Inoculate The World With The Virus Of My Disillusionment

Album: From First to Last - Throne To The Wolves

Every man lives by his own truth
And idiot can have faith and they all do
Awash in the filth of this ugly town
A chip on the shoulder
And the worst taste in my mouth
I thought it'd ease up as I got older
But the further I get the more I regret

The fashion of weakness
And the blissfully ignorant
f*****g each other to death
Who's lost in the shuffle
The children of assholes
Left to inherit the mess

f**k what's real
Give me more material
Who needs art when we have all these commercials

Every man lives by his own truth
Any idiot can have faith
And they all do
It takes courage to stare into the face
Of complete meaninglessness
And accept it.

I see a future
Fueled by the blatant desire
To get the bad news first
Can I take it all now
This could be my chance to be a hero
But let's get real

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