Versuri Fueled By Fire - Betrayal

Album: Fueled By Fire - Spread The Fire

Did you really think i was going to wait?
Did you really think that you were that great?
Well yes you were, but now there is nothing more to say
You're fading away, and now it's just to late
Two faced b***h!!
I'm out of your life now you say I have a big head
Well a b***h like you, were only good to spread in bed
You might be in leather, you might be a metal head
But a b***h like you will never ever see me again
People like like don't deserve one good thing
You've betrayed everyone and you've gotten away
Aren't you ashamed?
You've betrayed my trust and I promise, you'll pay
You'll pay!
You'll pay!
You'll pay!
You'll pay!
Two faced b***h
Watch yourself not just today
Or pay with your tears and shame
This is for all, not just for one
Don't think this is a game
I feel so much pity for you
The shame in your name
Amend yourself for this suffering
There is only for you to blame