Versuri Fueled By Fire - Metal Forever

Album: Fueled By Fire - Spread The Fire

Look at the burning sky Flames of demise
The earth screams of pain
The birth of metal can not be tamed
Winter Sun freezes the land
Tornado of Soul filled with the dammed
Judas rising from the abyss,
Metals birth can not be missed.
Metal militia sweeps across the land
Salvation for those who hold metal in their hands
Death in the Iron Maiden for those who are week
Black Sabbath today metal reign is at its peek
Venom from his serpent fangs
Slithers its way into your veins
Slayer of the weak, you are next
Get ready for your Megadeth
In the Metal Church
Read the book
Testament reveals
This is the truth
Meta will reign
And you shall be forever in pain