Versuri Gama Bomb - Slam Anthem

Album: Gama Bomb - Tales From the Grave in Space

You've never been in a fight but you will be tonight
If you're hip to the groove you will see
You know the end is nigh, you've got to hang 'em high
Get a mallet and take to the street
There's civil unrest, development's arrest
Now the law's no use, there's chaos loose, let's stretch it to the test
Lights out in the city, my shiv has no pity for you
Tear – Tear the government down
Behead – The man who is wearing the crown
You're the state of the art to take the world apart
Stand for a slam anthem – let the thrashing start
It started with oil and how we despoiled, uprooted what was left of the trees
The powers that be had no trust in you and me, we ground this world down to its knees
A victim of the age of ignorance and rage
A product of society that's broke
A city like a scab, let's kick it to the slab
All but the hardest will get smoked
Sick of bearing the slavemasters' load
You're raging, primed to explode
Push the tempo to fever pitch, shoot out all the lights
A raging crew three billion strong on a final wasted night
Pissed off your face with a chainsaw and mace
Come on in and grab a tin and help us wreck the place
All the lads are out, but most people are dead
When they're finished they'll cut off their own heads