Versuri Gamma Ray - Angel Of Death

Album: Gamma Ray - Heaven Or Hell

[Thin Lizzy cover]

Oh, my God, there's millions of them!

I've seen a fire start in Frisco the day that the earth quaked
I've seen buildings a-blazing, throwing up in flames
I heard men, women and children crying out to their God for mercy
But their God didn't listen so they were burned alive

They went down, down, deep underground... in the disaster

I was hanging out in Berlin in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine
I've seen Hitler's storm troopers march right across the Maginot Line
I've seen two world wars, I've seen men send rockets out into space
I foresee a holocaust: an angel of death descending to destroy the human race

Down, down, deep undergound... a disaster

"In the sixteenth century there was a French philosopher
By the name of Nostradamus
Who prophesised that in the late twentieth century
An angel of death shall waste this land
A holocaust the likes of which this planet had never seen
Now, I ask you: do you believe this to be true?"

I was standing by the bedside the night that my father died
He was crying out in pain to his God he said: "Have mercy, mercy!"
His body was riddled with a disease unknown to man so he expected no cure
But before he died that night, he was lost, insane

He went down, down, deep underground... a disaster
He went down, down, deep underground... a disaster
He went down, down... deep underground...