Versuri Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free

Album: Gamma Ray - Alive'95

Somewhere in the desert of the void beyond the wall
we're the last survivors' we're the ones who'll never fall
men inside the circle, leave the night!
darkness all around us, not a single beam of light
all we have is our faith, the will to win this fight
The time has come to break the outer wall (break down the black wall)

grab your heart, I'll show you the way,
now hold your head up high

High above, at the edge of the world
we're searching for glory and peace
When the time has come, you will see
our return to the land of the free

Men inside the circle, tell me what you feel and see
delusions of reality, the mirror of your dreams

hold your ground and I'll show you the way
now hold your head up high


[Solo : Kai / Dirk / Kai / Dirk]

and when the cracks appear, upon the wall
we know the moment's here to see it fall
and as the sunlight appears again in our sky
no wall, no more, no more will darken our life

[Melody : Both / Dirk]


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