Versuri Gamma Ray - No Return

Album: Gamma Ray - Alive'95

I'm riding the wind, don't need your request
You'd never invite me but I will be your guest
Oh, no, no, don't be afraid of the Reaper
It's time to go I call your name and you follow
Fly with me
Take a look around and say you love me,
And I will guide you through the Golden Door
For everything you see there is a reason
The big wheel is turning like always before
There is no return from the other side of Heaven
For the big wheel turns and the circle must go on
Forever more
How do you like the Termination day? - So far -
Kiss me good bye, cause I must fade away
Oh, no, no, don't be afraid of your Master
It's time to go he's calling your name now you follow
Fly away
Take a look around...
There is no return...

[Solo Kai]

Welcome to eternal life, my friend
Now take your seat on your cloud
Enjoy your stay
But always remember
There is no return
There is no return...
There is no return...
No return, no return
From the other side of Heaven

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