Versuri Gary Go - Honest

Album: Gary Go - Gary Go

When this all settles down
I'm gonna turn it all around
I'm tired of trying to dig myself out of holes only to wind up deeper under the ground
When it all is settled down

I've gotta stop x2
Putting it off
I've gotta be honest
It's not a lot x2
What will it cost?
If I am honest

So you think we can tamper with fate
If we can, I think it's too late
Was starting to make so much sense
But, things change as quick as the click of the fingers, there's no defense.
When were all been settled down


I'm tired of hiding
There's no more room
To keep any secrets

And I don't wana' dim your life
I just wana' do what's right
The truth is all iv got to give
I know,

Chorus x2

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