Versuri GENERAL SURGERY - Cold Storage Fever

Album: GENERAL SURGERY - Left Hand Pathology

In the company of fellow carrion the deceased seem to come around

In the hidden realms of the morgue
Contained behind locked doors

My thoroughly sound-proofed cellar
contains abducted corpses by the bulk
In the v.i.p. room of the morgue,
an orgy of dry-frozen hulks

Refrigerate the stiffs
Minimize the decay
A collection of fresh playmates
for a better day

Degeneration kept at bay
Necrological lust denied
A certain virtuosity
until the time feels right

A pathological binge
A sub-zero soiree

Mingle in the festering crowds
as the festivities slowly mount

Stiff-limbed hedonism
An orgy of dry-frozen hulks

A pathological binge
A sub-zero soiree