How Long Is Too Long Chords - Get Up Kids

Band: The Get Up Kids
Song: How Long Is Too Long
Tuning: Standard

This is a great song that i was trying to figure out the chords of for a while. As much
I would like to I can't take credit for this tab. Credit should be given to the tguk tab 
just thought I would share this with you becuase this is a great song and not everyone 
find that other tab site.

A - C#m - B

Pre-Chorus: "Don't you know..."
(pre-chorus starts with the word "know" if that makes any sense.) ***chords move fairly
just listen.

E - B - E - A - E - B -
- G# - B

Chorus: "How long is too long..."

A - F# - E - repeat



2nd Chorus jumps into Bridge:

A - F# - E

A - F# -


C#m - D# - E - A - repeat, and after last "A chord" resolve to A minor

Last Verse: "you keep hanging on for more..."

C#m - E - B

Pre-Chorus: "Don't you know..."

E - B - E - A - E - B -
- G# - B
repeats twice before going into Chorus!


A - F# - E

thats it.

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