Life In San Francisco Chords - Girls

Life in San Francisco - Girls

Capo 4th

Intro: C G Am F G x2

Verse 1:
C          G           Am
Rain drips drops on my head 
      F                   G
and i can't remember your name again.
          C        G         Am
You don't have too much of a face,
              F                           G
you're always walking on the tips of your toes
                Em                    Am
instead of your feet or your heels at all.
           Em                      Am
You always look like your ready to fall
          F                G
back into bed - or into my arms, your holding on
for dear life

C   G     Am   F  G
C       G       Am     F           G
Life in San Francisco, woo ooh hoo hoo

Verse 2:
Wind blows the hair on my head 
and i can't remember which bus to take
but i wanna get back to the place
where you can see the sun set on the sea and break

with the waves inside of it all
i always feel like i'm ready to fall
back into bed, or into your arms
i'm holding on
for dear life

Repeat Chorus
End on CMaj7 |x32000|

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