Versuri Glorior Belli - Celestial Phenomena

Album: Glorior Belli - O Ladate Dominus

Words of Satan came expressly to me,
His hand was there upon all
We looked, and behold a whirlwind came out
A great cloud and an infinity fire
So bright!
And inside the mist has the color of blood

And then came darkness
Four living creatures
With rings full of eyes;
They went straight forward
Burning calls of hate
Witnessing the treason

For we're impudent children, angels who shall perish!
He was our light and our salvation;
Now we dwell in the house of man!
The angst stretched forth, over our heads above
Words of Satan came expressly to us,
His eye was there upon all

Serve the lord with fear
Rejoice with trembling
The wheel is upon the earth
And blessed are all men!
When they trust in me they trust in the void of the Almighty!

Though briers and thorns be with thee, my son has transgressed against Man
May the seven churches burn, and through liars I will stand...
Eternally celestial phenomena

Let's burn my eyes
For I will foresee!
Let's burn my eyes
For I will forgive

Celestial phenomena
Celestial phenomena
Celestial phenomena