Versuri Glory Opera - Rising Moang

Album: Glory Opera - Rising Moang

[Part I - Sacred Ground]


[Part II - Forest Of Remains]

Heart of stone,
Spirits will arise!
Forest, Forest !

Locked in this shell,
Surely you won't hear,
Nothing but a word
Of everything I'll say.

Momentary lapses of your liberty,
Try to make you blind
About what you shall see.
Once it was the home you lived,
It paints red this blue sky.
Falling down into your knees,
Pain can never make you cry.

Your proud begin to miss you,
The belief of thousand liars.
You renounce all of your gods,
In a heart tha
t burns if fire.

Heroes without name
Shouting up my voice,
Might and magic sources
From my mind has gone.
Filling my dark blood,
And drying all the love.
Arising from the shadows,
Is coming the shaman.

Truth comes to my sight,
Showing me the damned one,
All the rage of my past life,
Makes me know I'm not alone.
Fight against the evil,
Now I'm ready for today,
I will change the story,
Moang will show my way.

[Solos: Pedro Estevez / Stanley]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Solos: Jean]

[Part III - Iara]

Though this haze, is so clear to me
Just like fire across the trees.
There's no fear in her face while,
There's no fear while she smiles.

For a moment the pain has gone,
In her eyes, my destiny.
Hate and rage could be undone,
I'll forget my legacy.

[Pre Chorus]
While she sings, I fell the wind...
Spirit shines in peace.
While she sings, I fell my tears
Rolling down, I know I've found.

She's the lady of the waters,
The purest heart I've ever seen.
Can this love forgive the sins,
All her people done to me?

[Repeat Pre Chorus ]

The hand to lead me out this place,
Where rivers become one, so tied.
I will leave this forest of remains,
Iara will keep me alive.

[Solo Stanley]

[Repeat Pre Chorus]

No sorrow, Iara will keep me alive.

Follow the light of my eyes to be free,
Our love can't fade away in the eternity.

[Part IV - House Of Flutes]

Innocence, a senseless death,
Dying angel on my nest.
The purest blood touches my mouth,
Rest the peace I'll break aparttonight.

In that trail left behind,
I'll hunt all through the night.
They will feel what burns inside
A man who's filed
With hate in heart.

But I can't, I'm just alone,
This war is my last one.
I must find the home they said,
To hear the song of brave.

There's no honor or compassion,
In a battle for revenge.
There's so many in my way,
Moang will lead me again.

A hundred days of war,
Now I have won, it's done.
Iara is calling me
To meet her in the sunset.

When the faith on me,
Seems to fall on ground.
I stand tall now I've found
The House of Flutes.

The love is lost
Between victory and pain.
I whisper my last song,
In the House of Flutes.

[Solos: Jean / Stanley / Jean]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Part V - The Path Of Waters]