Versuri Goatwhore - Razor Flesh Devoured

Album: Goatwhore - Carving Out The Eyes Of God

stealing souls for an urge that was kept a secret
fade in this memory, as these curses exit lips
digesting the power of dead space filled with betrayal
this evolution has passed down these genetics of evil

this message woes, ripped of emotion
conspiracy of poison, the target of bloodlust
black veiled whisperers, touched by the wicked
grey twilight of this might, a return from hell

as the bloodstained vision engulfs this purpose
awaken in the eclipse of self consuming rebirth
peeling back the skin of flame to rise up from this fire
these layers of apocalypse cover the sky in hatred

memories washed away in corridors lined with decay
demands by oblivious parasites of cradled fear
fluids drained in this task of a souls devourment
not a ray of light that breathes in this lack of hope

unleash the morbid, hear the call of wounds
this misfortune rules with a plague of rot
executing ritual mutilations of tradition
personal damage of bitter movements in staggered thought

scarification of entrance to this chaos
swine of forever, butchering the ageless
suffocate them with this fire
in strikes of rage flesh is torn by thorns that crown kings

effigy of a frozen vision severed of limbs, cast from the bone of angels
distinct venomous behavior, placed on this pedestal of the revealing terror

this evocation of wrath
these words that will take all life
a mouthful of revenge
choke on the virus spreading within, soaring deeper into the solar burn

entwined in the lateral movement above,
flesh covered grounds of massacre
only the most deviant of these supplicants,
will have forged the new worlds vision

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