Versuri GODDESS OF DESIRE - Bonded By Metal

Album: GODDESS OF DESIRE - Conquerors Divine

you told me you wouldn't shave your head
and listen to trendy s**t instead
you told me that you would wear spikes
and that you'd never buy a pair of Nike's

you told me you would be my friend
and that you'd like to see a metal band
you told me you wouldn't wear a suit
yes, for metal you were always in the mood

for we are metal eternally
bonded by blood we will be
together we stand side by side
we wear our studs & spikes with pride

you stopped banging your metal head now
and you are dating a stupid fat cow
she made you cut off your hair
this is something i can't bear

so it's clear that I'll loose a friend
this is where our friendship ends
now i have to fight alone
while you watch your TV at home


can you walk our just like that?
is friendship that easy to forget?
for me, this was always real
it's in my heart, it's what i feel

get out of my sight and make it fast
cause this friendship will not last
if that's the way you will betray
there is nothing more i have to say