Versuri GODDESS OF DESIRE - Seventh Sight

Album: GODDESS OF DESIRE - Conquerors Divine

You searched for the future
You disliked the here and now
The lady with the cards told you
But you didn't believe it anyhow
Compared it with incantations
Mistook them for silly charms
Didn't see it as the truth
So you ran and you ran

Into thousand different ways
You said the right one wasn't here
Out of fear and out of anger
Wondering in your mind
Why don't you want to see
That she has the seventh sight
She can see what is to be
And the things you have to fight

The lady with the cards
With the seventh sight
She hears your voices whisper
From above the night

Now you tell me it's not true
But you know it is your fault
Didn't have the courage to
Be the one you really want

She said you have to trust your heart
And to chase your wildest dreams
You'll see that what you wish for
Is what in the end will be

The direction is less important
Than The steps you will take
You will learnt the things you need
They will be on your way
So when the time is finally there
You make sure you are prepared
For your life journey's task
Be patient it won't come too fast