Versuri GODDESS OF DESIRE - Symbol Of Triumph

Album: GODDESS OF DESIRE - Conquerors Divine

Standing on our castle we defended it proud
Looking down below us a bloody mourning crowd
Smoke comes from the fields finally it's quiet
Just seconds ago the shot from last riot

Symbol Of Triumph
We did win the war
Symbol Of Triumph
We're the conquerors

Now we count our losses and we are sad
Cause many of our brothers found on the field their death
Our only comfort is that they died for a cause
Their highest sacrifice and our biggest loss


Swords now will rest peace is finally here
Our enemies forced back wounded and with fear
We stand to rebuild and well the walls strong
Prepared for more war we know we can't go wrong


[Lead: Arydon]
[Lead: Drake]

There is just one seat let us make you a knight
We're inviting you to join us in this fight
We will make our kingdom undefeatable
When we stick together we will rule the world