Versuri GODDESS OF DESIRE - The Line

Album: GODDESS OF DESIRE - Conquerors Divine

Listen before you enter
I have to stop you if I can
Times are now changing
They have the power in their hands
You'd better stay in this world
Do not take any risk
Stay on the safe side of the line
Before they put you on their list

It's in these dark times
That new things appear
Things you couldn't dream of
Stopped your heart with fear

Just walk on through the dark
Don't listen to their signs
Start to think scary thoughts
Or look into those strange eyes

Don't believe what they tell you
Don't you think it's all true
Prepare to survive alone
For what you'll have to do


'Cause they will harm you
And they eat out your soul
Where your heart once was
They'll only leave hole
And in the end don't you call me
I have warned you before
Told you, you shouldn't enter
No hope for you anymore


So if you want to cross
The line to the other side
Take with you what you can
Beware of those that hide
But you will have to face them
Try to change your way of sight
If you want them to disappear
Maybe they just might...

It's in these dark times
That new things appear
Cause in this dark times
Dead can be near

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