Versuri GODDESS OF DESIRE - The Wiccan

Album: GODDESS OF DESIRE - Conquerors Divine

Deep in the dark forest
Between immense old trees
By the light of the full moon
Through thousands of leaves
It's the wiccan they gather
And hear what they sing
They are casting their spells
Trying to grow new wings

Sorcerers Captured souls Evil dreams
They're the wiccan
Lost in darkness Misery Endless screams
They're the wiccan

With ancient spells
They test their craft
Descending the wells
Along endless shafts
Stand by the old tree
In the circle of stones
In the dark forest we hear
Their legends being told

At the feast the wiccan started
to chant the spell
A fog rose from the well and
hung above the circle of stones
The soulcatcher released six souls
The first four flew each
to a direction of the wind
The fifth slain in the forest
and number six descended
beneath the earth

[Lead: Drake]

[Lead: Arydon + Drake]


Regaining the force
By moving their soul
To an ancient force
From a forgotten source
Passing the tests
From the first to the last
Giving their best
With their spells from the past

It's the night of the wiccan
Regaining their powers
From an ancient source
Sorcerers Captured souls Evil Dreams
Fear the wiccan
Lost in darkness Misery Endless screams!!!