Versuri Godhate - Godhate

Album: Godhate - Equal In The Eyes Of Death


Desecration of your god with vengeance in my mind
I blame this f****d up world completely on your lord
He rips out my heart and trample upon it as he always have done
A Nazarene son called as the redeemer but I am the newborn messiah

Obscenities has crossed my path, gods hate has suffered me
Persecuted by his prophets as the Jews in world war two
Tell me to pray and indulge into suffering but I see no reason in that
His suffering is holy they told me from birth that I should be grateful to this agony

Given a free will repent or to die
Returning hate, it's an eye for an eye
Indulged for the father, a heaven, a lie
Payback's a pleasure, give up and goodbye

God's love is dead his hate forever last
Now force me down to crawl into your dirt
I am condemned in the name of his golden rule
From the birth to the cradle from the cradle to the grave

Message from your book with a knife to my throat
Live as you want, and you'll face death if you live it your way
Drink the Blood of Christ or drink the blood of Lucifer
Repent your sins or go with bad luck and then burn in hell... in hell

Payback's a pleasure, goodbye!