Versuri Godsend - Thoughts And Shadows

Album: Godsend - In The Electric Mist

Life can be so meaningless and cruel
Hurt and confusion seem to be the rule
Why so hard, so merciless and mean
To let this suffering and greed be seen

Careless, tenderness from every fellow man
Evil scorn and vicious spite from unforgiving hands
No one to hold on to in the darkest hour of night
When thoughts and shadowns haunt you
Until you are paralyzed with fright

Visions of a deep cold grave about to enclose me
Suspicion of conspiracy in every face I see
The moments of true happiness are seldom to be found
I fear you death and want to live don't put me in the ground

Ashamed to feel the emotions growing cold
Such a cost of living with so many things untold
Layer upon layer to cover what's inside
The mirror growing darker, from myself I cannot hide

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