Godsmack a lansat un clip pentru 'Unforgettable'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Godsmack a lansat un clip pentru 'Unforgettable'

Godsmack a ales piesa 'Unfogettable' de pe cel mai recent album, 'When Legends Rise', pentru un nou clip.

Clipul a fost regizat de Noah Berlow iar procesul de filmare s-a intins pe perioada a 2 ani. Iata ce a declarat Sully Erna: We took these middle school students on a two-year long journey to show them how important music truly is to us all. Throughout 2018, we continued to include these kids in all aspects of the process by showing up at their school and personally teaching them the song, including them joining part of our world tour inviting them to perform live onstage with us, taking them to NYC to further educate them on the business side of the music industry, visiting them at their schools to talk to them about the gift of music, and ultimately inviting them to shoot their first 'official music video' with the band."

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