Gojira au lansat videclipul oficial pentru 'Amazonia'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Gojira au lansat videclipul oficial pentru 'Amazonia'

Piesa este preluata de pe noul album al trupei, 'Fortitude', care va fi disponibil pe 30 aprilie via Roadrunner Records.

Bateristul trupei, Mario Duplantier, a declarat urmataorele:

"We were very patient, and we knew something so important is happening in the world right now, so we couldn't really complain. We were just a bit worried about when the world will reopen. We took some time off, and actually, it was great to take a little step back from the songs. Because for six months, we didn't listen to the songs — my brother and I. And when we went back to it, it as very pleasant, and we had the confirmation that the album is good for us; we felt great about it. But then I would say it's more around September [and] October, we had to find a solution to take decisions. It was a bit more stressful at this time, because [there was] a lot of back-and-forth with the management and the record company. We had to find a solution to finish everything — the cover, the mixing. So everything accelerated a little bit. But finally we are ready to release it. And [we are] super stoked about it."

Videoclipul pentru 'Amazonia' a fost regizat de Charles De Meyer si poate fi vazut mai jos.

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