Versuri Gojira - Wolf Down The Earth

Album: Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh

First of all you will eat all the bodies
No matter they pray for freedom they'll kill you
Forward you crush those going backwards
The wolves are now your lords
Voracious flames upon the earth

Second step you eat all the creation
Swallow the trees the lakes and all the valleys
Crush the moon, and drink the rivers flowing
Burning all that lives

The teach you how to conquer and rule the world
The towers that you built so string, no man can touch
They tell you how to find and raise t he fears
And let them grow inside of your heart they need no walls

Is there a chance you face the void inside?
Winds of doom will blow your pride away

Behold the bright lights coming down on time
Before these altars black, made for your sacrifice
You take for granted what's been there for ages
Inside the womb the new blood gets ready to fight

The buildings of our fathers
Crumbling in dark vibrations
Wolf down the one that made us all
No hope, you wolf down the earth

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