Versuri Gorefest - To Hell And Back

Album: Gorefest - Erase

You are tying
The strings
Around my neck
Around my arms
Around my legs
Like a flesh
And you whisper
In a sweet voice
To give up
My own will
So my life
Will be eternal
And of grace
As never seen
And you want to drain me
Because you bought yourself a man
I'll be free within a single thought
Because I'm clean of spirit and mind
And I am deaf for a serpents speach
That is always singing from a twisted mind
I'll never ever have a second thought
To slap you in the face with the glove that's black
Because if you want to fight, follow me
And I'll fight you to hell and back
To hell and back
Because it's easy to fight a mind that's black
Twisted minds breed twisted offspring
When lies become truth, the truth is black
If I was the last, I would walk proudly
And I would fight you to hell and back
To hell and back