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Tara : Canada Stil : Jazz Fusion Death metal Componenta : Sylvain Marcoux - chitara      Eric Giguere - bass      Stephane Provencher - baterie     Steeve Hurdle - chitara      Patrick Robert - baterie      Daniel Mongrain - chitara     Luc Lemay - voce            Discografie : Considered Dead (1991) The Erosion Of Sanity (1993) Obscura (1998) From Wisdom To Hate (2001) GORGUTS www.gorguts.com ...Biografie Gorguts

Waste Of Mortality Tab

Unearthing The Past Tab

Testimonial Ruin Tab

Sweey Silence Tab

Stiff And Cold (ver2) Tab

Stiff And Cold Tab

Nostalgia Tab

La Vie Est Prelude Tab

Inverted Tab

For Wisdom To Fate Tab

Faceless Tab

Elusive Treasures Tab

Disincarnated (ver2) Tab

Disincarnated Tab

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