Versuri Gothminister - Happiness In Darkness

Album: Gothminister - Empires Of Dark Salvation

I lit a candle
It cast a spell each night
I tell you warheads
The beast will never die
Bow to the empire
And follow Masters call
You hear the black horns
Welcoming you all

We live the happiness in darkness
This is the future and theres no return
To the land of damnation
From life in everlasting failure
This is the future and theres no return
You and I make this world come alive

This is the future the beast will never die

Its burning inside
I told you so
Not now
They are coming for us
Master Master where are you
No no no
No no no no no no no no no!

The Master is calling your name
The kingdom has opened the gates

In every mind
A wasted life
Into the deep
Lies the fear left behind
Beyond the forest
Lies a tale yet untold
Beneath the gates
Rise the kingdom of the true brave souls

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