Versuri GRAVE DIGGER - I Don't Need Your Love

Album: GRAVE DIGGER - Stronger Than Ever

Don't come hanging 'round my backdoor
Wanna see your face no more
Listen girl just what I say
Stay away

I've got more important things to do
Than to waste my time with you
Shouting your mouth
All over town

I don't need your love
You better take it or leave it
I don't need your love
I'm sick and tired of all the lies
Behind your painted smile

No more looks that hypnotize
Sparkle someone else's eyes
You're a no good love machine
Crazy scene

All you wanted was to get down
Kept your body to the ground
And the only way to reach you was in bed

Every time I see your face
Satisfaction's growing less
Get away, don't try to hold me
Let me be

There was never harmony
Even when you clung to me
There's no place for you in this house
Get on out