Versuri GRAVE DIGGER - Pray

Album: GRAVE DIGGER - Ballads Of A Hangman 2009

I see myself lying on the bed
My head on the angels fold
An eagle waiting in the corner
To take away me and my soul
A journey without return
To a land that no one knows
My Avalon my paradise
Where angels dare my soul will rise, rise, rise

Pray dancing through the night
Pray until the morning light
Pray pray for the devil's rite
Pray because we'll die tonight

I wake up in the hell of Eden
Guardians taking care of me
Out of the haze a shadow moves
A unicorn, black and wild
I open my eyes and look around
My hunger is fed by a lonesome child
It looks like me when I was young
I'm buried alive, my life is done, done, done

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