Versuri Grave - Last Journey

Album: Grave - Fiendish Regression

Falling at the speed of light towards Death
Been lost for way too long, finally the end is here
Flames beneath me and clouds above
My final place of rest will always seem the better choice

And the angels call my name
And the Demons do the same

Fallen soldiers reaching for me now
And from a distance, I hear the angels weep
Flames beneath me and Flames above
Surrounded by kindred spirits I found my peace of mind

And to the sound of Burning Flesh
I give myself to Darkness
And as my Blood leaves my veins
The veil of lies is lifted from my eyes

Finally my decision has been made
And from behind me I hear the Demons roar
"Walk among us now, the path of Fire"
Forever to be praised as servant of the Dark

And as I hear the Gates close
I become one with Darkness
Now Fire runs inside my veins
Reborn a better man in my own paradise

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