Versuri Grave - Sinners Lust

Album: Grave - Dominion VIII 2008

Time to Face my destiny
All around me sinner bleed
Fornication is Heavenly
But my long lost faith summons me

The Lies, The Lies
Will I ever be whole again?

Restoration Has Begun
Cleanse my soul, oh holy one
Heal me, steal my wicked mind
In your kingdom glory, receive me

Waiting for a sign
Show me the way, bring me the light
Behold my glory
It is time

Standing at the crossroads
Angels or demons? heaven or hell?
Death of Glory?
The Blood tastes so sweet, I know its my time to die

Body reformation complete
Laughter roars as the angels weep
Fornication is Heavenly
In your kingdoms' darkness I am free

The Blood, so sweet
Death or glory my unholy lust

Waiting for the sign
I am the way to the dark
Behold my glory
As heaven burns

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