Versuri Graveland - The Night Of Fullmoon

Album: Graveland - The Celtic Winter

Pagan country in the moonlight
Witches calling for their lord
Incantation of the Dark Side
From the book of secret world

Scream breaks off nocturnal silence
They begin the rite of Darkness

Hill in the fog

The heart of wood
Altagar of gloom
Nocturnal rite
Knife in the hand
Worship Darkside
Bless Left Hand Path

Pagan hidden in the forest
In unholy common grave
Christians killed the last worshipper
But the Dark Cult is still living

I'm the son of Pagan Nation
I got a part of secret knowledge

Oh Lord, I kneel before Thee
Darkness and Evil showed me thy return
I'm still waiting for thy return
The ancient Cult will arise again
Here comes the God of war and pain...