Versuri Graveland - White Beasts Of Wotan

Album: Graveland - Creed Of Iron

Spirits of war arrived at the battlefield
His voice echoed with loud sound
Today rains will sprinkle the soil
Today we will meet our death here
Or we will win the name of Wotan
Where Gods summon for deathly combat
We follow as always faithful to fight and war
Among fires and clashing steel
In the flames of rising Swarozyc
In the battle we will give our lives away

White beasts of Wotan
Bloody faces full of pride
For eons on war in the name of honor and pride
Born among death, pain and sadness
Bred in the shadow of swords
And among the sound of war drums

White beasts of Wotan
Blue eyes bringing fright
White hands swaying swords
With Swarozyc on their flags
With cry of hatred on their mouths
Always they're where blood is shed with rivers

White sons of Wotan
Fighting bravely as their fathers used to fight
From dawn till dusk in mortal struggles
Staining with enemy blood
Till the last breathe inflicting deadly blows
In eternal dance with death in chaos of war

Steel is mixing with blood
Honor and pride do not let move back
We go forth winged with anger
Wotan leads us for a battle
Our names frighten the enemy
Akways faithful to cruel law of war
Following the eternal call

Keep straight on listening to their heathenish hearts
Steel shields of Wotan!
White beasts!
Blades of anger and justice
The sword and fist of Wotan