Versuri Grenouer - Communist Skinhead

Album: Grenouer - Prescence With War

Derelict Landscapes, a Hurricane Neigh
Abstract Conceptions Are Brought In the Mire
Republican Orders Jackhammer My Weight
Daily Newsprints for Loathsome Clients

Merit Practicians Fall into Decay
Humble Requests Are Consigned Into Absence
Sleepy Conjectures Reform the Blackmail
Out of Measures, Obvious Lapses
Lips Won't Be Sealed With a Generous Prate
Poverty Screams To Extinguish the Hunger
Harden the Neck to Alter This State
I Have Had Enough of Patience

Hardly Below the Gain
Your Life Is On the Wane
Turning Upside the Scale
A Communist Skinhead

Civil Addiction, the Hell of a Thing
Manifestations of Saturday Choir
Full Speed Ahead to Blow off The Steam
I Drain Myself and Unchain the Ire
Broken Windscreens, Spontaneous Fights
Vomiting Zeal and Choking With Anger
Gratification, My Exercised Rights
I'm To Attack, Just Give Me a Handle

Cruel Pursuits Maintain
Hysterical Tunes Convey
Penalties Are Obtained
A Communist Sheepshead
Is Vigorously Acclaimed
Furious and Insane
Nothing Is Gonna Change
A Pulverized Skinhead

Portents of War Are Out Of Date
We Demonstrate Diabolical Powers
Chain Reactions Come Into the Play
Spare No Pains, Be the Food for the Powder
Trouble the Lambs with a Kill for a Thrill
Burn Their Streets, Castigate Their Splendor
Maim the Weak, Let Them Go the Mill
It's My Bloody World or the One I Have Rendered