Versuri Grenouer - Conversing The Dolt

Album: Grenouer - Gravehead

"Ain't you are the ardent revolting cannon foe!"
Craned suspended greasy slug necks
Loud howling judges of the ecclesiastical court
An elder faced to justice, coarse cloth
Faintly hall-smiling replying minting words
"Tricking out the evil could be a sin confront to Lord
Or dare you claiming that thou tormenting folks lesser sinner art?"

"Ah poor wretch, could you argue faithful servants
Bring self to book, you were doing something there
At the black school, in the precincts of the devil
Free will attendance is already a proof of blame"

"Twice dolt you are, proof of blame, ha-ha-ha
The place where 've been I doesn't show how I act
No blasphemy pushed me there, you don't care
A gasp for a drink of some knowledge made me try

What is power? What makes folks turn into savageness and shame?
Different issues troubled my mates and whoever else could respond -

Tempter! We did a horrible treaty
1.5 years spent in dark citadel
Getting all we wished
Answers developed right outta walls
Once fiery image
Brought us main answer through the yawning split

"Power all belongs to a personality
Strength of mind and body makes right"
The schooling was all over, flung over open gates
Everyone could go, not me
Such a die had been cast
But did I block my will?
Turning shade to double I slipped...
Getting a true story as true as it can be
Do you still reiterate false charge?

Vast dirty limbs grasped reflection and set me free
I kept my knowledge lost my shade paying scores"

"Weight words, Deuce
We confess tour guilt so clear"
Smiled the sage
Gales were hidden in his sleeves

"Ooh Antichrist!" squealed the priest like a swine
"Knowledge I say" was the reply of great spit
Into the face of the butcher oldman vanished
The nippers for torture on the floor blasted echo