Versuri Grenouer - Skittle Man

Album: Grenouer - The Odour O'Folly

Spooky screams
A blow of steam
A cock-eyed budyroo
Snotty winks
A ride on the blink
Lousy tricks
The scandal leeks

Black 'n blue
Your hair 's filled with glue
Hardly revealed, hardly relied on
Stretched to hips
A split is on your lips
The whole belly has been cut

Intertwine your roots, hush down hoots
What a jerk of misery
Swanky habits, turbid shapes, an insecure tensity

Fall, you've got to fall
Your inner world is a piece of s**t
Stroll an endless stroll
Your head is kicked
Excess and sick

Stale and grim
A harp on one string
Mesmerized, hypnotized
Deep ablaze, sleepless and flayed
The delirium has set in
Retchful nodes, intermittent lope
Dopey pies in the sky
Sneaky thoughts
Being at odds
An absurd hotshot guy

Roll, again you roll, you fuss and stroll
And turn the turtle
Why, why don't you settle
You are about to chill your bones

All the mud is yours, all the belch
Cuffs and bums, corny hurts
A pensive traction, a broody fake
Gaudy smart fractured blague

Bowl you bowl along, you strike the ball under the line
A rake, as thin as a rake
The more you hate
The less you know